Interim Human Resources Leadership

Do you have a key vacancy in your HR department? Maybe it’s the person responsible for leading the entire department, such as your Vice President or Director, or maybe it’s a functional manager, such as your Benefits Manager, Employee Relations Manager or a Recruiting Manager.  Whether you asked your HR leader to leave the organization, or you received a resignation, you need to ensure that your human resources department continues to function until you find new leadership. And, if the departure was your decision, then you may also realize that there are problems in the HR department that need to be addressed.

Saratoga Human Resources Solutions helps you through this transition by not only stepping in to provide departmental stability and guidance through interim leadership, but we also provide the following services.

  • HR Assessment – If needed, we work with you to evaluate and re-organize the HR department to improve service delivery and credibility
  • HR Leadership Recruitment – We can assist you with identifying key skills and leadership requirements, then help you conduct a thorough search for a long-term HR department head or functional leader

We have provided Interim HR Leadership for many organizations across the Northeast and beyond. Assignments have ranged from one year to over two years.

Saratoga Human Resources Solutions