Managers, How are you “Communicating” With Your Furloughed or Temporary Layoff Employees?

Nearly every survey of employee satisfaction and engagement reveals that employees value upper management two-way communication, and the relationship with their supervisor.

So, how do you accomplish this with remote work, and furloughed employees? Before you answer, let’s think about a few facts.

Communication has three parts:
7% is the words that you use (e-mail, Facebook, etc.)
38% is in the tonality of what you say – tone and inflection (phone call)
55% is in your body language (Zoom Conference, Skype, Microsoft Teams)

And, it adds up: a phone call actually gets 45% of your message across – 7% + 38%. Teleconference gets 100% of your message – 7% + 38% + 55%.

Equally important, be an active listener. That’s the two-way communication part. Your employees have questions, concerns, fears, challenges. Taking the time to listen and understand builds trust that will help you retain people. It works like this every day, too, not just during a pandemic.

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