Getting Ready to Re-Open Your Business?

Wanted to pass along some useful resources as you prepare to re-open your business.
First, NYS will re-open regionally based on the attainment of certain health measures. Find that information here:

Second, businesses will re-open in phases in those regions that are allowed to re-open. Find that information here:

Third, each employer should thoroughly document a worksite safety plan before workers return, and communicate this plan to staff. This will help your employees feel more secure as they come back to work. It will also help you document your efforts if you are questioned about the steps you have taken to safeguard your staff. NYS has provided a template for this safety plan:

Lastly, let us know if we can help. Our consultants are career HR leaders that draw on decades of experience to assist our clients quickly and cost effectively., 518-429-0308, [email protected]

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