Employers: Are You Ready for 2018?

On behalf of the staff at Saratoga Human Resources Solutions, we hope 2017 has been a successful year for your business, and that you are looking forward to continued success in 2018.


Saratoga Human Resources Solutions has recently grown to ensure we continue to meet the service needs of our customers.  We are pleased to announce that Kathy Hanlon and Angela Evans have joined Saratoga HR as Human Resources Consultants.  Both bring over 20 years of extensive HR experience and leadership.


Looking forward to 2018, we want to make sure that you are prepared for several new changes in the human resources arena.  These new laws may require updates to your current policies and employee handbooks.  We are prepared to assist you if necessary.


  1. New Minimum Wage in Upstate NY: $10.40 per hour on 12/31/17.
  2. New Minimum Weekly Wage for certain Salaried/Exempt employees: $780.00 per week

eff. 12/31/17

  1. Paid Family Leave becomes effective 1/1/2018:


Ensure you have Paid Family Leave Coverage.

  • Most private employers with one or more employees are required to obtain Paid Family Leave insurance. Contact your broker or insurer to get information about available policies
  • Generally, Paid Family Leave insurance will be added to the disability insurance policy you already carry
  • If you are self-insured for disability, you may purchase a separate Paid Family Leave policy or apply to self-insure

Post a Workforce Notice.

  • Your insurance carrier will provide a Notice of Compliance stating you have Paid Family Leave insurance
  • If you are self-insured, you can get this notice by contacting the Board at [email protected]to obtain the required notice which is not available on this website
  • Post and maintain this notice in a conspicuous place, like what is required for Worker’s Compensation and Disability Insurance coverage

Inform Your Employees About Paid Family Leave.

  • Update appropriate written materials that you give your employees, such as employee handbooks, to include Paid Family Leave information
  • If you do not have an employee handbook, provide written guidance to employees on their rights and obligations under Paid Family Leave, including information on how to request leave

Update Your Payroll Processes.

  • Update internal processes or work with your external payroll manager to collect the employee payroll withholdings or contributions that pay for the insurance. Use the gov/pflcalculatorto get an estimate of an employee’s weekly deduction.

Inform Non-Eligible Employees About Waivers.

  • Identify employees who will not qualify for the minimum amount of time required for eligibility (see Employee Eligibility section) and let them know they can choose to waive coverage
  • Employees will need to complete a waiver and a template waiver form is available at gov/PaidFamilyLeave
  • Keep a copy of completed waivers on file


Saratoga Human Resources Solutions can assist you in preparation for Paid Family Leave, assist you in understanding how Paid Family Leave and Family and Medical Leave are similar, how they are different, and how they intersect.  Let us know if we can help you with policy development, handbook updates, required forms and postings.


Please see our new website at www.SaratogaHR.com  for a more complete listing of services.


Best wishes to you, your staff, and your families for continued success in 2018.

Saratoga Human Resources Solutions