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The First Step With DE&I? Stop.. and Listen

One need not look far to find turmoil, conflict, anger, and in some cases aggression in today’s climate.  We can blame it on a lot of things, the George Floyd incident, the Coronavirus pandemic, or other reasons.  We hear about shaming, the “cancel culture,” conservatives, liberals, and so on.  These issues are dividing friends, families,…

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Getting Ready to Re-Open Your Business?

Wanted to pass along some useful resources as you prepare to re-open your business. First, NYS will re-open regionally based on the attainment of certain health measures. Find that information here: Second, businesses will re-open in phases in those regions that are allowed to re-open. Find that information here: Third, each employer should thoroughly document…

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NYS Sexual Harassment Requirements for Employers: Don’t Just Comply Because It’s the Law, Comply Because it is the Right Thing To Do

How does the New York State Sexual Harassment Policy and Training Rules for Employers change the workplace in New York State? Truthfully, it depends.  Good companies have had policies, investigation procedures and training programs in place for decades, that’s right – decades.  But the landscape has changed, so employers, even the ones with good policies…

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The Building Blocks that Allow HR to Become a Strategic Function

Any number of magazine articles and publications argue Human Resources (HR) should be “at the table” as a key part of corporate strategy. While that is true, I believe that it is a position that is earned in a very logical progression within an organization.  But what is this progression? A helpful model is Maslow’s…

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